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Project Summary: Full Stack To Do App

This project gave me an absolute tonne of learning opportunities and experience – from refactoring existing code to using new technologies – all packed within less than two days. I really enjoyed it!

Check out the demo here (and the code here).

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Project Summary: NHS Dentist Finder

Being able to build digital products is such an enabler.

This project was a great example of experiencing a problem or difficulty and, having enough knowledge to understand how a solution could work, being able to just go ahead and build it and fill in any gaps by learning along the way.

Check out the demo here (and the code here).

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Project Summary: Turning a Dribbble Design into Code

As a front-end engineer, you’re often taking a design and turning into code. You’re essentially taking a concept and turning it into reality.

I thought I’d give this some practice!

Check out the demo here (and the code here).

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Project Summary: Random Country Fact Generator

As part of the React course I’ve been taking on Udemy, it introduced me to the REST Countries API (and how to access APIs with fetch, etc). Since finding out how easy it is to get data from an API like that, I knew I needed to create a project with it for some unguided learning.

I’ve got a few ideas for apps that will use the API, but I thought I’m best starting with the smallest, most straightforward one first.

Check it out here (and the code here).

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Project Summary: URL Deconstructor

In my day job there’s been a number of times where I’ve been working on an analytics tracking issue and I’m either looking to understand the general structure of a given URL or I’m searching through 1,000+ characters of tokens and UTMs and redirect paths looking for a specific string of text.

I’ll be honest, I’ve sat there and manually split the URL out into all of its component pieces in order to make sense of the query string keys and values. It was painful. Really painful.

So, what do you do when you feel that sort of pain? That pain of knowing there must be an easier way…

Well, you solve the problem with code!

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A Tale of Two ‘To Do’ Apps: 5 Things I Learned

I recently followed two tutorials from the very endearing Dev Ed on YouTube where he created the very same To Do app in different ways; once in vanilla Javascript and again in React. It only took an hour or two to make each one, but it was a really interesting process.

Here’s what I learned…