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How to Deploy a Full Stack (PERN) App to Heroku

After creating the Full Stack To Do app recently, I wanted to deploy it and ended up going with GitHub Pages for the front-end and Heroku for the back-end. It was straightforward enough, but the idea of hosting part of the app in one place and the other part in another felt a bit odd so I set off on a mission to get both parts of a simplified PERN stack app hosted in the same place (Heroku).

To say it was painful would be an understatement, but with some perseverance and soooo many browser tabs of Stack Overflow, I managed to do it. And because of the pain, I thought I best make a record of exactly how I made it happen and sharing it on here may help others, like you!

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Project Summary: Full Stack To Do App

This project gave me an absolute tonne of learning opportunities and experience – from refactoring existing code to using new technologies – all packed within less than two days. I really enjoyed it!

Check out the demo here (and the code here).