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Project Summary: NHS Dentist Finder

Being able to build digital products is such an enabler.

This project was a great example of experiencing a problem or difficulty and, having enough knowledge to understand how a solution could work, being able to just go ahead and build it and fill in any gaps by learning along the way.

Check out the demo here (and the code here).

CSS JavaScript Project

Project Summary: Turning a Dribbble Design into Code

As a front-end engineer, you’re often taking a design and turning into code. You’re essentially taking a concept and turning it into reality.

I thought I’d give this some practice!

Check out the demo here (and the code here).


Margin Collapsing Explained (with Examples)

Margin collapsing is something I’ve never really been aware of. I’m certain that I’ve come up against it, probably more than once, but not known what’s going on. I’ve probably just kept tweaking the CSS again and again until it worked.

But that’s all changing now. Here’s what margin collapsing is all about.


Understanding the CSS Position Property (with Examples)

This is a summary of the different values of the position CSS property and how they behave. Where possible, I’ve added examples to help show them in action.