Coding Study Notes

Monthly Review of Coding Study – April 2022


  • Total hours: 52hrs 30mins
  • Average hours per day: 1hr 45mins
  • Longest study period: 5hrs
  • Most hours in a single day: 5hrs 15mins
  • Earliest study start: 6:00am
  • Latest study finish: 12:30am
  • Topics covered:
    • CSS positioning, margin collapsing
    • ES6 array helpers, template literals, arrow functions
    • JS fetch, promises, async / await
    • React fragments, portals and refs
  • Projects worked on:
    • Social media image generator project with Cloudinary (React)
    • Pricing calculator project (React)
    • URL deconstructor project (React)
    • To do list project (JS)
  • Blog posts published: 8

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